Donald Trump's Army - An Election Day Massacre

The Prelude: In the novel SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation (2013), wild hogs, personifying a radical fringe gone mad, forewarn of rising intolerance and extremism here in America. The rogue pigs sway a disenfranchised middle-class to their ideals, fracture the two-party system and plunge the Wild Boar Nation into anarchy. In SLOP’s sequel The Republican Bond - Returning Negative Yields (2016), disorder reigns. Leaving nothing to chance, on Election Day conservative sympathizers terrorize pro-Democratic precincts in swing-states, suppressing Democratic votes. Republicans shockingly increase their Congressional majorities and win the Presidency. Upon inauguration, the GOP issues The Republican Bond

Negative Interest Rates and Crumbling Markets

In a world of negative bond yields, are Institutional Money Managers, Traders and Investors alike finally worried about the destruction of asset valuations, driving virtually every market lower? Of greater concern; when yields to society turn negative, is creative destruction sure to follow? ". . . There may be so much anarchy going on . . ." ~ Dr. Ben Carson, September 2014 on Fox News Radio suggests there may not be a presidential election in 2016. Is an “American Spring,” that far-fetched? In my novel SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation (November 2013, 30+ reviews), I creatively warn of the growing dangers of intolerance and extremism here in America. In SLOP’s follow up, The Republican Bond – Re



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