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80 - 20 Productions

Delivering creative, controversial, and entertaining fictional stories with the payload of cited information and facts typically found in non-fiction books
In his debut novel SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation (November 2013), author Keith T. Bishop creatively shows how rising intolerance and extremism here in America could lead to unrest. 

In SLOP's sequel The Republican Bond - Returning Negative Yields (January 2016), terrorism rocks the 2016 Election. After sweeping the House, Senate and Presidency, the GOP issues The Republican Bond. Billed as the Contract with America 2.0, conservatism engulfs the nation. Leftist radicals fight back and the nation plunges into an American Spring.

The short story Make the Dog Park Great Again (January 2017) continues the SLOP saga. The allegory depicts a Trump Presidency and it's feared outcome. How it ends is in the hands (or paws) of conservatives.

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SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation

November 2013


Uprisings continue across the globe. Is an "American Spring" next?


Set in the Texas Panhandle, centered in the stunning Palo Duro Canyon, a radical faction of wild boars punished by lingering drought and dwindling lands seek equality with man. The wild hogs personify how easily an extreme and intolerant fringe can sway a disenfranchised middle-class, fracture the two-party system and plunge a nation into anarchy.

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The Republican Bond - Returning Negative Yields

January 2016


Hellbent on taking back their country, conservative sympathizers terrorize the 2016 Election.  Winning the Presidency and both Houses, on Inauguration Day, the GOP issues The Republican Bond. Touted as “The Contract with America 2.0,” bond issuers authoritatively pledge to observe a fundamental set of ultra-conservative social, economic, geopolitical and religious doctrines. When the bond's yields turn negative, leftist radicals fight back. Soon afterwards, the blackest of all black swan events occurs; an American Spring.

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Make the Dog Park Great Again

January 2017

A short story, Make the Dog Park Great Again depicts the fears of Trump's Presidency. Will these concerns come to fruition? If so, how will each party handle a leader determined to upend the entire political system?

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Vox Populi Vox Dei Final Cover.JPG

Vox Populi Vox Dei

May 2023

With democracy under attack and the integrity of elections tainted, Twitter polling becomes the de facto mechanism for determining winners of every political race. Soon afterwards, certified Twitter Blue Checkmarkians arbitrate the trial of the century. Vox Populi Vox Dei means, "The voice of the people is the voice of God." Has God spoken to Elon Musk? Will Twitter be the voice of the people?" A twenty minute read, Bishop's short story is chilling; and a warning how technology and the madness of crowd psychology can change everything.

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Remediators Cover USA.jpg

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July 2019

The moment Hurricane Harvey’s epic rains receded, demolition of Houston’s flooded homes and businesses began. Eager to earn outsized wages of $15 per hour, transient laborers deconstructed homes twelve to fourteen hours a day. A month later, their empathy evaporated and their gravy train over, the hired hands returned to unstable minimum-wage jobs.

Remediators is a short story about how people, out of greed or economic necessity, justify others’ suffering to prosper themselves.  After stripping a wealthy defense contractor’s home to bare bones and completing their jobs, the remaining members of a small crew are unexpectedly reunited—twice. Reminiscing about their departed co-workers’ everlasting bliss, and how their own blessedness removing golden toilets was only temporary, the gang all thought as one: may God’s wrath . . .

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Dusty the Cat;

In Search of Healthcare; A Love Story

April 2014


"Dusty" is a whimsical short story of obtaining Obamacare from a stray cat's perspective. After being rescued from an apartment complex parking lot, Dusty goes to the vet for the first time and learns the benefits and pitfalls of healthcare.

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