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Why read


The Republican Bond –

Returning Negative Yields:



1. It is entertaining and thought provoking, depicting in shocking detail the devastating economic and social consequences of The Republican Bond's negative yields.
2. It introduces readers to arguably the finest tequila produced; a tip that should not be discounted. 
3. It provides startling voting results from the 2012 election that explains why the GOP chose Cleveland to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.
4. It documents how Christianity became so intertwined with American business.
5. It brings to light a number of environmental concerns regarding the fracking industry.
6. It details congress’s powers to manipulate the Supreme Court.
7. It highlights America’s outrageous incarceration rates compared to other countries while reminding the reader controversial mass pardons have occurred under previous administrations.
8. It demonstrates Chris Christie’s complete ignorance about economics when he claimed in the GOP debate on November 10, 2015 that "You can not lower interest rates below zero."
9. It describes a plausible crisis so alarming it will give readers second and third thoughts about healthcare reform.
10. It clearly portrays how greed, arrogance and a sense of moral superiority can lead to extremism on both the left and right of the political spectrum.
11. It enables readers to envision how quickly the economy and social order can unravel after an intense minority hellbent on imposing their ideals overwhelms an unorganized majority.
12. It projects a dire warning that terrorism knows no political boundaries. And I mean no boundaries.
13. Last but not least, the lucky 13. Did I mention it is shocking - in every manner including the . . .


Like SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation, The Republican Bond – Returning Negative Yields is purposely written in a manner that blurs the line between fiction and non-fiction; presenting entertaining characters and storylines that resonate with the reader while delivering a payload of cited information and facts typically found in non-fiction; so you the reader can make your own judgement(s).

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