Keith T. Bishop

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Keith graduated from Centerville High School before earning his BBA at the University of Cincinnati in 1983 with majors in finance and management. Upon graduation, Mr. Bishop moved to Chicago and acquired the science of trading options under the tutelage of one of Chicago’s largest derivatives traders at that time and currently one of the most renowned card players in Las Vegas.

Later, Mr. Bishop had the honor of forging a trading partnership with one of Chicago’s most prominent, privately held derivative firms. Years later, the firm was sold to Goldman Sachs before the founder came within days of winning the 2004 Democratic nomination of Illinois for the U.S. Senate. It was this election that propelled a relatively unknown, Barrack Hussein Obama, to win the senate seat. Four years later, he was elected President of the United States.

Mr. Bishop moved to London in 1994 and collaborated with another key partner in a London trading operation before returning to the U.S. where he entered the energy trading business.

After working on the energy trading desks for two major firms, Mr. Bishop joined a large software company. Seven years later he resigned to write SLOP  : The Wild Boar Nation.

It was his three contemporaries though, all different but with one thing in common; utilizing mathematics to quantify anything and everything, that encouraged Mr. Bishop to think beyond the first derivative. Without their mentorships over twenty years ago, Slop, The Republican Bond and Dusty the Cat would never have been written.

A proud father of three daughters and a son, Mr. Bishop seeks to obliterate the lines between fiction and non-fiction, entertaining readers with gripping storylines while delivering a payload of cited information and facts; so readers can view important social, economic, geoplotical and religious issues from new perspectives. 

Mr. Bishop’s heroes are his deceased parents, Ralph T. Bishop and Rosemary Bishop who not only encouraged individuality but also the responsibility of family, community, state, nation and the world.



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