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Disadvantaged from birth battling poverty for years, Dusty scratched and clawed his way through life. Residing under a dumpster in an apartment complex, he suffered from fleas, ear mites and feline herpes. Good fortune finally came Dusty’s way—or so he thought.


Rescued by author Keith Bishop, Dusty finally had a safe, comfortable place he could call home. Set in his ways, he continued prowling the landscape often hooking up with the snooty but super hot Nugget. In the wee hours after one of his many rendezvous, Dusty is jumped by a big black and white tomcat six doors down from his new home. Enduring a deep gash behind his ear, Dusty took it in stride knowing he would someday get his revenge—or so he thought.

Trusting Bishop, Dusty was elated he could visit the veterinarian for the first time and receive healthcare—just like all the other pets born in privilege.  Checking his vitals, listening to his heart and lungs, examining his eyes, ears and teeth, the vet made sure Dusty received treatment for mites and fleas, antibiotics for his mangled ear and all the essential vaccines to thrive in a dog eats dog world.


Awakening a few hours later in his luxurious wicker basket lined with a clean fresh blanket, Dusty quickly learned the pitfalls of preventive healthcare—or so he thought.





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