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  • Keith T. Bishop

Negative Interest Rates and Crumbling Markets

In a world of negative bond yields, are Institutional Money Managers, Traders and Investors alike finally worried about the destruction of asset valuations, driving virtually every market lower? Of greater concern; when yields to society turn negative, is creative destruction sure to follow?

". . . There may be so much anarchy going on . . ." ~ Dr. Ben Carson, September 2014 on Fox News Radio suggests there may not be a presidential election in 2016.

Is an “American Spring,” that far-fetched?

In my novel SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation (November 2013, 30+ reviews), I creatively warn of the growing dangers of intolerance and extremism here in America. In SLOP’s follow up, The Republican Bond – Returning Negative Yields (January 2016), Dr. Carson’s outlandish concerns about anarchy become reality. Read the stories and you’ll wonder, "Can things spiral out of control that quickly in the most powerful, stable, democracy on earth?"

Maybe, maybe not. But in a world of negative yields, an event previously unimaginable, anything is possible. If so, the crumbling of asset prices and markets will be the least of our worries.

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