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The Wild Boar Nation

Uprisings continue across the globe.

Is an "American Spring" next?


Set in the stunning Palo Duro Canyon outside Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle, a radical faction of wild boars punished by lingering drought and dwindling lands begin killing and devouring humans in their quest for equality. The wild hogs personify how easily an extreme and intolerant fringe can sway a disenfranchised middle-class and plunge a nation into anarchy.


"I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."


~ Sir Winston Churchill


Using fictional and real characters, author Keith T. Bishop sparks debate in a bone crushing, tendon tearing, and flesh devouring fashion as a number of social, economic, religious and geo-political issues come to light in the wildly entertaining and informative novel that is sure to challenge readers every storyline along the way.

SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation is dedicated to:


The World


For every living soul: regardless of nationality, political affiliation, religious denomination, race, color, or creed who rejects extremism and intolerance - everywhere.


While fictional and real characters are used in SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation, all events in book are fictitious.


It took a collaborative effort on the behalf of many, in particular Ms. Charlotte Clebosky Kelley to publish the book in a sophisticated and professional manner. To help get me to the finish line, a special thanks is in order to Adept Word Management. An organization that truly provides first-class service in intelligent word management, copyediting, transcription, translation, captioning and more.

It's not "Jaws." It's . . .

"Tusks on Land," as wild boars begin killing to impose equality - with man.

Print and Kindle versions are available on Amazon. eBooks are also available at the iBookstore for Apple and Barnes and Noble Nook. Autographed copies can be purchased on "Purchase Print Copy" tab above.

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SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation is much more than wild boars stalking, killing, and devouring humans in their quest for equality.


SLOP confronts racism, bigotry, and social and religious intolerance / extremism head on. Chapter one begins in the Dustbowl era, vividly describing the devastating aftereffects of drought and climate change. Fast forwarding to the spring and then fall of 2012, the story takes root. First, the intimidation of a gay couple and its unintended consequences serve notice.  Then, heart-warming characters provide a gut-wrenching tale how U.S. drug policies destroy societies on both sides of the U.S. - Mexican border: where unprecedented violence forces waves of illegal immigrants and refugees to flee Mexico while laws that benefit a few constituencies in the U.S. incarcerate historical numbers of minorities and the poor; proving the ultimate class-warfare.  Another storyline chronicles the corruption between business and law enforcement; allowing the exploitation of lax rules and regulations; be damned the safety of the consumer overseas. Providing historical data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, readers learn which administrations generated the majority of debt and created the most private sector jobs over the past 70 years. Hedge fund traders Jimmy and Mark bicker relentlessly regarding the role of government in society and what political party best serves American interests. Their arguments reveal how an irrational, uneven playing field between the 1% and the rest of society has destroyed our competitive spirits; causing the disenfranchised to become hopeless and ineffective while the upper class turns arrogant and complacent.  Yet, SLOP counters we are not all equals that want or expect equal outcomes; that the 80-20 rule exists for a reason.  To alleviate these impediments to sustainability, SLOP advocates more opportunities must be offered to those capable and willing; and if so, then the 80-20 rule could become the 75-25 or even the 70-30 rule; imagine the social and economic benefits of that.


Later, the story steps outside the American comfort zone of Christianity and details how Jews and Muslims lived in peace less than 100 years ago while Europe burned during two world wars; how for nearly five centuries the Muslim faith led the world in science, education, medicine, and philosophy. SLOP suggests the only true solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict is a one-state solution; where peace is achieved the old fashion way, money; where shared incentives promoting non-violence improves the economics of the region for everyone, compared to the current model that leaves the Palestinians trapped like rats; dependent on aid. SLOP argues that for the world’s vast majority, it’s about economic opportunity, not religion; that in the real world Sunnis marry Shia, Christians marry Jews, races mix, and same sex marriages exist whether recognized or not.


In the end, SLOP demonstrates how a radical fringe hell-bent on suppressing changes and imposing their doctrines on the majority use a strategy of “no compromise” and aggression to force members of society to choose sides, refuting there are shades of gray. Remaining fervent, the upstarts are able to sway enough of a disenfranchised middle-class to their ideals, regardless of the potential consequences, and The Wild Boar Nation plunges into anarchy.


An “American Spring,” unlikely; but Black Swan events do occur. Readers beware as wild hogs begin stalking, killing, and devouring humans in their quest for equality, regardless of consequences.

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