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  • Keith T. Bishop

Mike Bloomberg can Redeem America

The long-term economic, environmental, and social devastation caused by Trump’s presidency is already incalculable. If Donald J. Trump is reelected, the collateral damage will impact all corners of the world for generations to come. In dire times it takes an extraordinary person leading an extraordinary country to mitigate, or even reverse, the dangerous trends sweeping the globe. Mike Bloomberg is that person. America is that country. Mike Bloomberg can redeem America.

From its conception, Trump’s presidency has alienated people on every continent. Yet just last week, in his State of the Union address, President Trump claimed, “America is highly respected again.” He also boasted, “The days of our country being used, taken advantage of, and even scorned by other nations are long behind us.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. His vile and hateful America First rhetoric has further divided the country and estranged America from the world. Donald J. Trump has trashed the American brand. And it matters. Worldwide GDP growth outstrips America’s. Trump is mocked and ridiculed by world leaders and their populations, and their new attitude decreases America’s overseas opportunities. Furthermore, Trump and his supporters argue that their new trade policies have been a boon to America’s workers. These claims are bogus. Multiple studies have demonstrated that Trump’s tariffs have backfired. The “Get tough” policies have hurt manufacturing, necessitated a twelve-billion-dollar farmer bailout, and effectively imposed one of the largest tax increases in decades. In totality, the tariffs have reduced GDP output, curtailed employment, and stagnated wages. Donald J. Trump and his policies have punished the American worker.

Still, as only he can, Trump claims his economy is the greatest in history. This is more Trump pomposity. Apart from the unemployment rate, which was already in a protracted steady decline when Trump took office, key economic statistics compiled in Trump’s first three years in office are similar to or have underperformed those recorded in the last three years of the Obama administration. GDP growth over Trump’s first three years is one percentage tick higher than it was over Obama’s last three years in office (2.5% vs. 2.4%). Job creation, however, has fallen from an average of 227,000 new jobs per month under Obama to 191,000 under Trump, leading to a shortfall of nearly 1.3 million jobs over the three-year period. Real wage growth (adjusted for inflation) is more damning. It has fallen from 1.1% under Obama to 0.6% under Trump. Keep in mind that the present record low unemployment rates are a global phenomenon. Over a dozen countries boast unemployment rates of 4.0% or lower, while Japan, Germany, and a few others sport rates lower than that of the U.S. Moreover, to supercharge this “greatest economy ever,” a Republican-led Congress sold its soul for the umpteenth time and passed historic tax cuts that virtually doubled the deficit—without any material infrastructure improvements or social programs to mitigate the scourge of income disparity. Viewed holistically, the evidence demonstrates that Trump’s economy, like his business empire, is mostly hype. Donald J. Trump and his policies have only benefited the upper-class and are bad for America's long-term interests.

While Trump’s riches have come through inheritance, despicable business practices, deceit, bullying lawsuits, and possible corruption, Mike Bloomberg has assembled one of the world’s most respected and enduring companies. Founded in 1981, Bloomberg L.P. is based on four key values: diversity and inclusion, innovation, philanthropy, and sustainability. The company provides business and financial data, news, and insight in 170 countries, employs 20,000 people, and generates $10 billion in revenue. These accomplishments command respect and dwarf all rivals’ endeavors. His experience, skill sets, and leadership will restore American prestige and advance U.S. interests. Mike will get it done.

Unlike President Trump and the woebegone GOP, Mike Bloomberg has embraced science and touted doable policies to combat climate change. While many on the left demand an ambitious Green New Deal, Bloomberg realizes that we must crawl, then walk, before we run. He understands the criticality of the issue. For the second year in a row, Bloomberg has personally donated 5.5 million dollars to the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat to make up for the U.S commitments which the Trump administration allowed to lapse. In addition, the comprehensive climate action plans he developed in the wake of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy were considered the most ambitious city-led efforts in the world. Don’t take my word for it. According to Inside Climate News, Mike Bloomberg’s experience on climate change is unmatched among his fellow candidates. For America and the world, Mike will get it done.

When it comes to health care, Trump and the GOP have tried every conceivable method to undermine Obamacare—without offering any alternative. Mike Bloomberg, conversely, has advocated a commonsense approach. His plan includes a public option and capped patient fees, in line with the more moderate Democratic agenda. Bloomberg’s model is arguably the most effective tool to temper income disparity and reduce America’s One-Trillion-Dollar Toll. His most formable left-wing opponents, however, support forced Medicare for All. Come Election Day, this is suicidal and all but guarantees an end to Obamacare, including the invaluable pre-existing conditions clause. Unlike his rigid adversaries, Mike Bloomberg will ensure everyone has a menu of healthcare choices that meets their needs. Mike will get it done.

In presidential responsibilities, there is no bigger wild card than foreign policy. While running for president, contenders say what their constituents want to hear. But until a candidate is in the White House and confronted with unimaginable decisions, it is impossible to know how each will respond. Even if critics are correct that Bloomberg’s foreign policy record is mixed, Bloomberg has a personal relationship with many world leaders which gives him a distinct advantage over every other Democratic candidate—perhaps even over Joe Biden, who spent time with world leaders as a surrogate for President Obama rather than building relationships on his own terms. Additionally, no other candidate can match Bloomberg’s proven record of making far-ranging, complex decisions to catapult an organization to extraordinary heights. Voters troubled by Trump’s erratic, compulsive, and controversial initiatives can rest assured that Mike Bloomberg’s foreign policy efforts will be coherently strategic, cost-effective, and in the long-term best interests of America. Mike will get it done.

Special interests? Mike Bloomberg has taken on the NYC teachers’ union, the NRA, and the anti-abortion lobbies. While many Democrats believe public education must be protected at all costs, Bloomberg fought the status quo as mayor of New York City and rapidly expanded charter schools. The move proved popular with parents. Charter schools in New York City currently have a waiting list of 50,000 students. As a result, Bloomberg’s education plan includes expanding charter schools nationwide. Whereas Bloomberg seeks a public option in healthcare to contend against private providers, it also makes sense to level the playing field in education and let contrasting models compete to deliver the best services. Not backing down to the NRA, in 2006 Mike Bloomberg formed Mayors Against Illegal Guns along with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. The coalition is now 600 mayors strong. Few, if any, acting mayors have been more aggressive than Bloomberg in pursuing gun legislation supported by most Americans. Finally, Bloomberg has vigorously supported a woman’s right to choose. In all three instances, for the entire country, Mike will get it done.

There is no perfect candidate. While many observers have suspicions about what Trump’s true net worth is and how he obtained it, his supporters celebrate his perceived wealth. On the contrary, hordes of Democrats despise Bloomberg for his unparalleled success. This is grossly undeserved. While Trump bragged that he would self-fund his entire 2016 campaign, he didn’t even come close. Meanwhile, whether he is the nominee or not, Bloomberg has pledged to spend unlimited sums throughout the election cycle, dramatically helping down-ballot candidates. Yet, many Democrats decry Bloomberg, claiming he is buying the Presidency. Again, this is patently unfair. Under the Federal Election Commission rules, if the campaign is not publicly funded, there is no limit to how much a candidate can personally contribute and spend. But dollars don’t translate directly into votes. Ad buys may compel attention, but the candidate’s message and record still need to positively impress the public. And money buys attention whether or not it comes directly from the candidate’s pocket. Do voters prefer candidates who’ve potentially been bought by super PACS due to Citizens United? To marginalize a Trump-tainted GOP, Democrats must sweep the upcoming election. Mike will get it done.

On another note, Judge Judy is correct. The presidency is intended for great people. While the accomplishments of all the other candidates are admirable, not even Joe Biden’s vice presidency is exceptional. There is only one extraordinary person in this field. His name is Mike Bloomberg. With his blend of conservative and progressive economic and social policies, Bloomberg can ease the concerns of millions of independents and withdrawn Republicans about a radical shift to the left and entice them to vote for Democrats. In doing so, he can win Middle America and secure the Electoral College. And yet, swaying those votes is only half the battle. To win convincingly, Democrats, regardless of preference, must wholeheartedly support the nominee and down-ticket candidates. This half of the equation is as important as the first, because Trump understands one thing: ratings. For him to call off his army, he and the entire GOP must be crushed at the ballot box. Anything else risks an American Spring.

But wait, you cry: what about stop and frisk? Mike Bloomberg is a man driven by data. Unfortunately, the statistics clouded his better judgement. Desperate to curtail illegal guns that infested New York’s streets, he upped the ante on a Supreme Court ruling. Then, over time, those executing the policy ran amok. While the end didn’t justify the means, Bloomberg acted when Congress wouldn’t. He is not racist. Far from it. And unlike our current narcissist President, he has since apologized and learned from his mistake.

America’s political roller coaster ride over the past thirty years has been breathtaking. It’s time for a candidate who can see the upcoming inclines and anticipate the next dips. Often in front of issues, willing to challenge the political headwinds, Mike Bloomberg is that candidate. He is the definition of a leader. For Democrats whose only objective is to defeat Trump, Mike Bloomberg is the best candidate. For independents and disgruntled Republicans, Mike Bloomberg is a viable centrist you can comfortably support. If Bloomberg is selected as the Democratic nominee, expect his five-foot-eight frame to tower eleven feet eight inches over Trump’s buried presidency. Mike will get it done. Mike Bloomberg will redeem America.

Keith T. Bishop is the author of SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation (2013), The Republican Bond – Returning Negative Yields (January 2016), numerous short stories and several published articles regarding markets, the economy and politics. His creative novels, which warn of the potential and then depict an “American Spring,” are eerily prescience of today’s political landscape. You can learn more about Bishop and his work at

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