• Keith T. Bishop

Trump's Red Lines. How Long for the Scars to Fade?

While Donald talks out of every orifice, most often with little substance and almost always taking multiple positions, his bluster has scarred the planet with red lines as he threatened, insulted, and mocked the entire world. I guess it's all part of his brilliant negotiation strategy to win, win, win. Good luck with that when allies and foes turn a blind eye to him if he ever reached office. Still, put a gun to my head and make me vote GOP and I'll vote for him. Why? Because the army has been assembled and it will swallow whole a feckless Rubio or a "creepy" Cruz. Only Trump can tame the beast that continues to feed on fear. To learn more about the army, please read my post on February 29, 2016 "Donald Trump's Army - An Election Day Massacre."




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