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Covid-19 Localisation Group (UK)

The Covid-19 Localisation Group is led by the distinguished Maurice Glucksman and Kim Warren of the UK. The group is a network of professionals across many specialties and includes aspiring high school students seeking to advance their STEM skill sets. The group's premise is to truly understand how Covid-19 impacts communities, you must drill down to a local level. To do this, the group has engineered a highly configurable model to account for the unique attributes and demographics of any city, county or borough in the world. Then, using logic, reason, math, and science, the team seeks to anticipate the impact coronavirus will have on local communities. The objective is to provide solid metrics to assist local leaders, businesses and medical personnel in making the best and most timely decisions as possible. All work by Covid-19 Localisation Group is pro bono. We seek volunteers across the globe to download our model and begin analyzing their own communities and others.

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