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The Republican Bond - Returning Negative Yields

"There may be so much

anarchy going on."


~ Dr. Ben Carson, September 2014 on Fox News Radio suggests there may not be a presidential election in 2016.

In his debut novel SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation (November 2013), Bishop creatively warns readers of the growing dangers of extremism here in America. In SLOP’s sequel, Dr. Carson’s outlandish concerns about anarchy become reality. While polls open and voting takes place—terrorism erupts on Election Day 2016 as an ingenious plot carried out by conservative








Touted as “The Contract with America 2.0,” bond issuers authoritatively pledge to observe a fundamental set of ultra-conservative social, economic, geopolitical and religious doctrines. Riding the wave of conservatism, investors pile on sending the bond’s price soaring to extreme levels—resulting in negative bond yields. With deflation setting in; GDP plummeting; pollution, unemployment and budget deficits skyrocketing; mass incarcerations underway amidst rampant corruption; discrimination openly promoted against those not conforming to pure Christian philosophies; and over ninety million citizens and counting medically uninsured due to political infighting, leaders double down in their policy initiatives believing The Republican Bond will yield positive returns upon maturity. When a world-wide flu pandemic overwhelms the U.S. healthcare system bringing the nation to its knees, leftist radicals yield to their own extremism. Anarchy follows, resulting in the blackest of all black swan events; an “American Spring.”


Amidst sheer disorder, left and right wing extremists dig in embracing similar mindsets of “Peace through strength,” and “No compromise.” Recognizing they had been fed nothing but SLOP for decades and that past performance is indicative of future returns, the masses determine that in a world of negative yields, the concept of Caveat Emptor is no longer applicable—that Caveat Venditor is—leading to those who rule by the rifle die by the tusk.

The Republican Bond

sympathizers rocks the nation. Branded within as the Collateralized Right Wing Fringe (CRWF), the clandestine operation’s revolutionary tactics enable Republicans to sweep the elections; increasing their conservative majorities in both houses and easily win the Presidency. Upon inauguration elected officials issue:

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