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Donald J. Trump’s Army –

An Election Day Massacre



The Prelude:


In the novel SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation (2013), wild hogs, personifying a radical fringe gone mad, forewarn of rising intolerance and extremism here in America. The rogue pigs fracture their nation’s two-party system. Disorder follows.


In SLOP’s sequel The Republican Bond - Returning Negative Yields (2016), anarchy reigns. Leaving nothing to chance, conservative sympathizers terrorize pro-Democratic precincts in key swing-states, suppressing Democratic votes. Republicans increase their Congressional majorities and win the Presidency. Upon inauguration, the GOP issues The Republican Bond.


Touted as the Contract with America 2.0, conservatism engulfs the nation. Austerity imposed, the economy collapses, corruption becomes rampart, and violence against those not conforming to Christian values becomes routine. The ACA repealed, tens of millions are left uninsured before a hybrid virus of bird, swine, and human influenza blankets the world. The U.S. healthcare system implodes. Millions die. Leftist radicals fight back. All sides dig in, each vowing, "No compromise and peace through strength." An "American Spring" is born.


Pure fantasy, fiction? Not when you consider a powerful evangelical’s stated objective is to build a coalition of Christian voters.


"An Army. That's the Goal." David Lane, NYT, March 15, 2015


2016 Election Cycle:


Donald J. Trump recognized the opportunity and heeded the evangelicals’ call. He resorted to battlefield tactics—even against his own people to win, win, win, expand the army and become its unquestioned leader. If Trump’s rampage to the nomination succeeds, his followers will intensify his divisive rhetoric pitting Christians against Muslims; traditionalists and believers versus progressives and non-believers; African Americans against Latinos; whites versus all minorities; and the United States of America against the world.


With forces in place, the only thing more terrifying is Trump being dethroned as its leader. Imagine a feckless Rubio or a “creepy”, self-righteous Cruz trying to master the monster. As a puppet of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Collateralized Right Wing Fringe (CRWF), Rubio would be devoured by the Wild Boar Nation, leaving no trace behind. Cruz would be devoured too. His policies would crush the economy, leave people dying in the streets and would bait further conflict in the Middle East. Only Trump can tame The Wild Boar Nation.


Defeating Trump’s Army – A Call for Captain America


Establishing a competing force to use the same tactics of “Peace through strength” is foolhardy and only makes the nightmare of an “American Spring” more believable. Trump must be smothered in numbers. Young, old, white, black, or brown, straight or gay, members of all religious doctrines and education levels must turn out in HUGE fashion to squash the Trump Army. Citizens like Vishhavjit Singh must be counted. A scrawny, bearded, turban sporting Sikh, Mr. Singh walked New York City’s streets shield in hand, clothed as Captain America. Spurred on by curious onlookers, he obliterated the superhero’s outdated 1940’s identity, demonstrating that in today’s America, anyone can be captain. It is this power derived from citizens of every stripe banding together and delivering superior ratings that will defeat Trump. Then and only then will he call off his army.


For those who stand with Trump and seek to fracture the center—be careful what you wish for. We were great because we combined world-class hardware (airports, roads, bridges, ports, utilities and the like) with super-charged software (rules, regulations, norms, Court systems and more) better than any other country. It’s time we refocus on those two vital components instead of hateful, divisive unproductive rhetoric. Remember, The Wild Boar Nation is a nation of swine ruled by unyielding boars bearing tusks. If we let it happen and build the wall, it may be to keep you in.




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