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Coming November 2015 a new novel by Keith T. Bishop
The Republican Bond
Returning Negative Yields

"There may be so much anarchy going on."


~ Dr. Ben Carson, September 2014 on Fox News Radio regarding why there may not be a presidential election in 2016.



In his debut novel SLOP – The Wild Boar Nation (November 2013) author Keith T. Bishop creatively warns readers of the growing dangers of extremism in America. In SLOP’s sequel Bishop tells a compelling tale where Dr. Carson’s seemingly outlandish concerns of anarchy becomes reality.

Additional Publications Include:

SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation


Uprisings continue across the globe. Is an "American Spring" next?


Set in the Texas Panhandle, centered in the stunning Palo Duro Canyon, a radical faction of wild boars punished by lingering drought and dwindling lands seek equality with man. The wild hogs personify how an extreme and intolerant fringe can plunge a nation into anarchy.

Dusty the Cat; In Search of Healthcare;

A Love Story


Is a whimsical short story of obtaining Obamacare from a stray cat's perspective. After being rescued from an apartment complex parking lot, Dusty goes to the vet for the first time and learns both the pitfalls and benefits of healthcare.