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  • Keith T. Bishop

Trump's Rally in One Photo - or 493 Words

I have spent the last 3.5 years warning rising intolerance and extremism here in America would fracture the two-party system and ignite an American Spring; a prospect that once seemed unthinkable. Living a half-mile from the Marriott Hotel in The Woodlands, TX; site of Trump’s Houston rally last night, I walked there to witness first-hand “The Event.” In fairness, the vast majority of people we’re respectful and peaceful. The line to get in was like nothing I’ve ever seen—it stretched (1, 2, 3 miles?) as it weaved block after block. In the end, thousands were turned away as the convention center reached capacity. I took dozens of pictures to capture the moment and had a variety of themes to choose from. Beauties included: a couple proudly displaying the Confederate Flag. Several frames showed Trump supporters promoting guns, guns, and more guns (including a truck with a trailer hauling a giant 10x15 foot handgun). A real winner was the creepy man in sweltering heat covered head to toes. His brown shirt overlaid a long sleeved black garment that barely exposed his hands; hands that were fixed to the chest straps of the back pack he carried. A floppy safari style hat combined with an American flag bandanna covered his face. Only his eyes were exposed - which were obscured by glasses. I could have posted photos of approximately 75-100 fervent protesters denouncing Trump as they were engulfed by the thousands of Trump rally goers. But why? It’s nothing we haven’t seen many times before. And will continue to see.

So I choose to post a photo that represents what Trump peddles best—a pile of horseshit. His despicable lifelong social and business tactics will not Make America Great Again. He doesn’t empower people to be their best. His narcissists, egotistical, and confrontational persona elicit the worst in people. The fact is Trump heeded the Evangelicals' call to build an Army. And now that Army seeks nothing but total final victory.

There is only one way to silence Trump’s Army—their leader must be thoroughly crushed at the ballot box. If not, Trump’s radical supporters will gather strength, promoting hatred and division instead of seeking 21st century solutions to solve the world’s complex issues. Consider the lengths Trump has employed to win the Republican nomination. What is he capable of doing just one step away from the Presidency? Even more terrifying; what will he do if he wins? A Trump Presidency would “green light” acts of intimidation and violence as acceptable negotiating tactics for every debate—home or abroad. If that is what we decide as a society, believing that always doubling down will coerce each and every adversary to succumb to Trump’s will, then be prepared—because other nations, even our own leftist radicals can be every bit as ruthless as the radicals Trump inspires. #DoubledownDonald is no great negotiator. #DoubledownDonald is no great unifier. #DoubledownDonald is a threat to the entire world.

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