Coronavirus - A Shocking Depiction of "What if."

For a chilling account of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu and how a similar pandemic today risks the stability of America's dysfunctional healthcare system, read these excerpts from my novel The Republican Bond – Returning Negative Yields (January 2016). Because when yields to society turn negative, creative destruction is sure to follow. Imagine the ACA is repealed and not replaced. Imagine another devastating recession leaves millions unemployed and tens of millions uninsured. Imagine the Coronavirus COVID-19 or another future virus becomes the twenty-first century's version of 1918-1919 pandemic flu. It lasts for two full years. What if? Excerpts from The Republican Bond - Returning Negative Yi

Mike Bloomberg can Redeem America

The long-term economic, environmental, and social devastation caused by Trump’s presidency is already incalculable. If Donald J. Trump is reelected, the collateral damage will impact all corners of the world for generations to come. In dire times it takes an extraordinary person leading an extraordinary country to mitigate, or even reverse, the dangerous trends sweeping the globe. Mike Bloomberg is that person. America is that country. Mike Bloomberg can redeem America. From its conception, Trump’s presidency has alienated people on every continent. Yet just last week, in his State of the Union address, President Trump claimed, “America is highly respected again.” He also boasted, “The days



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