We are not all Equal. It's Income Disparity, not Income Inequality.

Originally published: Jan 24, 2014 “Takers” exist in every societal governance. No matter ideology, the “takers” share of resources is typically finite. In capitalistic democracies, to stimulate productivity and deter “takers,” the concept of equal opportunities, not equal outcomes are employed. For this enticement to succeed, balance between opportunities and outcomes are essential. When outcomes enrich a few, opportunities diminish, and the system breaks down. Concentration of wealth and opportunities narrow further. Eventually, the bulk of society is badly weakened. The vicious circle becomes a death spiral. What constitutes a debilitating disproportion of treasure is subject to debate. F

Trump's Presidency and Russian Relationship: The Future

*Note: This blog entry was originally published December 12,2017 titled: The Race to Become the First Trillionaire. Below is an updated version published on January 19, 2018 by Editors named article, "Pick of the Week." Much has been contested about Donald J. Trump’s love affair with Russia. Questions deserve a thorough and honest investigation. As distasteful and risky it may be, the best outcome of the enquiry is accusations continue to swirl, Trump limps through three more years, and in 2020, he is crushed at the ballot box. The world moves on. If removed from office, odds are Trump whips his base into a frenzy. Only the height and duration of civil unrest is in questi



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